"Empowering Girls In the Spirit of Excellence"

Dr. Bernada Nicole is one of the most influential, inspirational, intelligent and intriguing leaders of her generation. Her ability to captivate the attention of her audience is remarkable.  Dr. Bernada Nicole has a proven track record of success for working to empower, educate and equip girls with the tools needed to succeed in life & to not become a victim of their circumstances. Dr. Bernada Nicole’s no-nonsense demeanor, her poise, relentlessness, and tenacity to be the change that she wishes to see in the world is indescribable. Her commitment to empowering individuals to maximize their potential and to give birth to every dream, gift and talent are only a few of her unique traits that help to distinguish her as a priceless treasure to the world.

As a Community Psychologist, Dr. Bernada Nicole has been most recognized for her passion for establishing relationships in disenfranchised communities, building bridges for under-served populations and serving as an advocate for those whose voices will never be heard.  Bernada has conducted extensive research on social & mental health issues that impact minority groups and has a proven track record of developing, implementing and evaluating action-oriented community-based programs. Her dissertation title is “The Impact of Father Involvement on Girl’s & Women’s Self-Esteem and Ability to Sustain Healthy Relationships.”

Dr. Bernada Nicole

Dr. Bernada Nicole

Founder of The Princess Within

As a Pastoral Counselor, Dr. Bernada Nicole utilizes a strengths based approach that empowers individuals to overcome the adversities of life and live in the fullness of peace, joy and tranquility. She works to equip individuals with the strategies needed to create work/life balance, cultivate self-esteem & achieve internal peace & emotional stability

As an Educator, Dr. Bernada Nicole is intentional in her efforts to provoke the greatness within her students, challenging them to think critically and to always soar beyond the limitations of the boundaries that society imposes upon them. She aims to get students to think “outside of the box” and encourages them to always go beyond the call of duty both personally and professionally.
As a Motivational Speaker, Dr. Bernada Nicole ’s uncanny ability to captivate the attention of her audiences is remarkable. Bernada has a proven track record of provoking the passion in others by empowering, educating and equipping individuals with the tools needed to excel in life.

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