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The Princess Within

Empowering girls to discover the princess that lies within!


The Princess Within is a strengths based social and emotional mentoring program for girls ages 8 -18, The Princess Within cultivates self-esteem, builds leadership skills, ignites creativity and provides college and career readiness and STEM programs. 


Creativity      Purpose      Passion      Leadership     Service  Respect  Character


Princesses are paired with a professional woman, who serves as a mentor/role model that teaches girls the value of social awareness, self-control, conflict resolution and responsible decision making. The Princesses & Queens explore the choices of life surrounding self-respect, self-love, dating, high school, college careers, finances & success.

Self Esteem Enrichment

Princess Within cultivates self-esteem using “Unlock the Treasure: Discover the Princess Within Workbook” as our curriculum. It is an amazing resource tool for girls that provides inspiration, motivational messages and real life girl talk topics that every princess can identify with. The book was written by our Founder, Dr. Bernada Nicole Baker. 

College & Career Preparation

The Princess Within aims to prepare high school girls for college and career success.  Provides hands on assistance with college application process, college selection, financial aid, and the preparation needed to attend college.

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